CONVERSATIONS | Pastor's Wives

Many pastoral leaders suffer from loneliness. This can be especially true for spouses. This month features Renee Gibson, Jayme Hamilton, and Kelly White - all church planters, Moms, senior leaders, wives, and most of all women who know the importance of relationships.   So join us for a few minutes as they share their stories and some encouragement to give ourselves life-giving relationships


PSW Servant-Leaders…its an honor to introduce something which the district team hopes to become a valuable resource. There are many situations and circumstances we encounter as shepherds, both vocational and personal, that we wish we could talk to someone else who has been through something similar. Today, we bring you the first of many “CONVERSATIONS” - a simple video introducing a common topic and individuals who have navigated it. The goal of the video is that you would have an introduction not just to to some information, but to a relationship. All participants in the CONVERSATIONS series have agreed to to be contacted and journey with you through your own situation. It is with this intent, that we offer these CONVERSATIONS, so that you would initiate your own, and in doing so, that God would use them for your health, improvement, and multiplication.