Making soul care a priority

“If only there were opportunities for me to unplug in a nonperforming environment and just catch my breath with pastor friends.” 

Guess what? Because of the effort of some dear District servants, soul-health opportunities for our pastors are now being made available in our District!

Patrick and Mindy Crowder lead Pastor Sabbatical Retreats (marital soul care) for senior pastors that provides such an environment. Currently there are several more retreats left on their calendar for this year and they’re filling up fast. (By the way they also provide emergency marital intensives. What a gift to our District!)

Another soul health opportunity is available through Cyndi Valdez and Kelly White. Their team conducts a similar getaway geared exclusively for our pastor’s wives called Care Connection.

These two opportunities are relatively new to our District calendar and are designed to address soul health for busy pastors. Because of these new efforts we at the District will begin to hear, “If only there were MORE opportunities for me to unplug in a nonperforming environment and just catch my breath with friends.” 

The following is a testimony from one pastor couple who attended a recent PSR: 

“Portia and I have always enjoyed Pastors Conference and Connection every year. Every time, the worship is amazing, the speakers and breakouts are inspiring and informative, and the overall experience is encouraging.

If you’re like me, before every Conference and Connection, I’ll tell my wife:‘This year, we HAVE to get lunch with so-and-so.’Or, ‘We need to get together with our friends from such-and such church.’  Or, ‘We’ve got to make sure we take time to rest.’ 

But between my poor planning abilities AND my desire to attend EVERY service and breakout, I can often miss the connections, lunches, and conversations with pastor friends and loved ones: conversations that can be SO encouraging and healing. Also, my constant activity can send me home more tired than when I arrived.

Recently I told Portia: ‘I almost wish there was a pastors gathering that was ALL ABOUT resting and connecting with friends.

Through God’s kindness, just a few months later, I was invited to a Pastor Sabbatical Retreat, led by Patrick and Mindy Crowder.

Pastors: this thing is legit. It’s the perfect complement to Conferences. 

Three days at a nice rental house with three other pastor couples, each with their own room. No services, no classes, no sermon-prepping. Just three days of rest, with time built in to hear from God, to connect with friends, and to tell your story.

It’s incredible in its simplicity and effectiveness. The quietness was healing, and the deep friendships we formed within our group were sorely needed and are unbreakable. We still meet regularly.

If you’re able, attend a PSR. Dive in head first. I promise you, at the end of day one, you’ll be saying what I said: ‘We need to do this at least once a year!’”

-Pastor Ronnie Flores

Meadows Fellowship, Las Vegas, NV

To ask questions, get info, or register for a PSR, text Patrick Crowder at 909-618-5454 to arrange a conversation.