God is purposeful…

God is purposeful…

Since I am the new guy on the District staff, let me begin a little monthly series that express one of my essential core convictions. I am convinced that healthy pastoral leadership is rooted in a confidence which grows out of a relationship with God that is personal and purposeful. Several years ago I was reflecting on this during a season of leadership struggle and was inspired to write the following:

God is purposeful…

            No exercise of His might,

                        no declaration of His wisdom,

                                    and no expression of His love

                                                is trivial, capricious, or random.  

God is purposeful… 

He does not say one thing and do another.

            He does not undermine His own advance

                        through indecision or retraction.

                                    He does not take three steps forward

                                                and two steps back.  

God is purposeful… 

He is undeterred, unhindered, and undistracted.

            His love is resolute and

                        His tenderness is relentless.

                                    Therefore He will never turn away

                        until He has accomplished everything

            that He has purposed

within the counsel of His will.

God is purposeful…

In Jesus dwelled the fullness of God

            and the fullness of God’s purpose.

In Jesus God purposed to become man

            in order to take up our case.

In Jesus God closes the breach, gulf, and abyss

            between God and us for which we are responsible. 

God is purposeful…

At the very point where we

     refuse and fail

          offend and provoke

               miss our destiny

                    tread underfoot our dignity,

               and lose our salvation…

          God purposed to intervene as a man

     in the person and work of Jesus.

God is purposeful.

He makes no mistakes.

   He has no regrets.

      He faces our future with

         unrestricted liberty

            uncompromising devotion

               unlimited resources

                  unbounded wisdom

                     and unconditional love.

God is purposeful.

Before your parents conceived you

   He conceived you.

You are not an accident nor

   are you the fruit of a moment’s passion.

You were deliberately fashioned

   and richly endowed.

You were born of God’s purpose

   and you were born for God’s purpose.

God is purposeful.

Therefore, will you recite and prayerfully reflect on these five statements as we begin to explore God’s strategic purpose for our lives.

  1. I have a purpose.

  2. My purpose is to influence and impact people with God’s Kingdom presence.

  3. I will not be satisfied with my life until I am fulfilling my purpose.

  4. I can best fulfill my purpose on a team.

  5. I have no promise of mortal life tomorrow—therefore, I must fulfill my purpose today!.

More on this next time…