You Have A Purpose…

You Have A Purpose…
God is purposeful.

Before your parents conceived you

   He conceived you.

You are not an accident nor 

   are you the fruit of a moment’s passion.

You were deliberately fashioned.

   and richly endowed.

You were born of God’s purpose

   and you were born for God’s purpose.

I have a purpose. Every one who has been twice born through Jesus Christ has been lovingly and strategically created for a purpose. There is nothing more tragic than aimless pastors who have lost their grasp of this simple reality. Purposelessness is surely a barometric reading on the true condition of our soul. The plethora of Christian self-help titles suggest that we have exchanged the great ends of the Church for trifling illusions that personal fulfillment is merely reflected in emotional well-being and daily convenience. This is narcissism not discipleship. 

God’s purpose for us, and through us, is robust, life affirming, and fruitful. It will add dimension and meaning to every facet of our lives and will endow every relationship, every opportunity, and all our time with significance.

My purpose is to influence and impact people with the person and power of Jesus Christ. Spiritual warfare is not an option for the follower of Jesus Christ. Evil is real. The devil will not go away unless he is put to flight. The Scriptures testify that Jesus came to destroy the works of the evil one. This is our purpose too. 

I concede that it is difficult to look in the mirror and recite: “My purpose is to destroy the works of the evil one.” I know because I tried it on several occasions and felt foolish! I found that the moment I declared aloud, “My purpose is to destroy the works of the evil one,” I was defeated by thoughts of my own powerlessness-not even my dog comes when I call!

I was liberated when the Holy Spirit led me to a study of 1John 3.8. I discovered that the Greek word translated destroyis more frequently translated loose or untiein the New Testament. There I remembered one of my favorite sweaters being destroyed by my oldest daughter when she was three. She merely found a dangling strand that she continued to pull until an entire sleeve disappeared! Everyday I meet people with dangling strands that I can pull with the person and power of Jesus Christ.

I will not be satisfied with my life until I am fulfilling my purpose. You are created and called by God for a purpose. Therefore embedded deep within you are yearnings whose origins lie in the eternalheart of God. Living for the trophies of this world will never satiate these longings. Their home is the Kingdom of God. Seek first the Kingdom of God and you will gain the personal satisfaction you long for.

I can best fulfill my purpose on a team.We cannot fulfill our purpose alone. Ministry is a team sport. The USA Women’s Soccer Team showed us again the power of team in their repeat Women’s World Cup championship. There is nothing Satan appreciates more than unplugged Christian leaders who are: 

   isolated from others
         adrift from the larger Body of Christ; 
               distracted by the world’s allure; 
                     deluded by false metrics of ministry success
                        and preoccupied with their own reputation before others.

I have no promise of mortal life tomorrow therefore I must pursue my purpose today. We have no way of knowing when illness, accident, or violence may compromise or end our mortal lives. Live the life you are called to today. We may not be saved by our good works but our good works will save others. Look around you… your life is filled with opportunities to live on purpose as we ask God to extend His Kingdom presence through us and loose the chains of the devil in the lives of others. Go on… pull those strings…