Equipped to Serve


I love church resources that are developed by people in the church who have a passion to use their gift to further equip the church. Here are some websites (with additional resources) that are developed by non-pastoral local church leaders to help equip others who serve in roles similar to their own. I subscribe to each of these site’s emails. They also offer cost effective training resources:

James Wassam is a 20 year professional in the sound mixing and systems installer. He also believes that the technical ministry volunteers are important to the ministry of the congregation and wants to equip them with quality tools to help them grow in their craft, skill, and spirit. The newsletter produced by Great Church Sound is very practical and easy to understand. The site also offers training videos ($) and features the book authored by James. The monthly blog is great too. Sign up for the newsletter here: https://www.greatchurchsound.com/worshipdistractions.html

These guys offer all kinds of products and tutorials. I personally use their Pads products. But the best thing in my opinion is their “Vlogs” (video blogs); one is about the practical side of leading worship (gear, staying “relevant”, production) and the other is about leadership (conducting auditions, team preparation and rehearsals, etc). They also provide tutorials on playing curretn, popular worship songs. Good stuff here. 

ECFA certifies churches and ministries for financial integrity and is a leading provider of free, practical resources for churches on financial management, governance, and stewardship.They have partnered with Life Church to provide practical policy and practices guidelines (https://open.life.church/partners/ecfa). Their “ChurchPulse” newsletter is also a great source for resources. Sign up here: http://ecfa.us2.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=1e36026eade3dfd2f66499153&id=f7cc6673b9 

Information and Inspiration

Two things are key to improving: information and inspiration -  we have to know what to do, and be motivated to do it. This month’s IMPROVEMENT tools will do both.

Attend: HIM Conference 2018 (Hawaiian Island Ministries)
Listen: Church Leaders Podcast
Watch: 2018 Leadership Summit w/ Wayne Cordeiro


Attend: HIM Conference 2018 (Hawaiian Island Ministries)

HIM is the largest annual gathering of Christians in Hawaii, celebrating 35 years of ministry in 2018. Join us as we worship, pray, learn, love, grow together across denominations, cultures, generations and differences as the beloved Body of Christ. General sessions speakers include Francis Chan, Margaret Feinberg, John Ortberg, Mike Pilavachi. PSW Assistant District Supervisor Kiha Pimental, Brandon Ahu from Metro Christian Church,  and Anchor Church Lead Pastor Carl Moore and Youth Pastor Anuhea Akamine are among the workshop presenters. March 15-17 in Honolulu HI.  For more information and to register, visit https://himonline.org/him-2018

Listen: Church Leaders Podcast

A podcast is essentially a radio show that you can get on the internet, so you can listen any time you want. ChurchLeaders (churchleaders.com), is an essential resource for the pastoral leader featuring articles, news, videos and more. CL’s podcast presents ground-breaking conversations with today's top ministry leaders designed to help you lead better. Listen on your computer, on on your iPod/iPhone. https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-churchleaders-podcast/id988990685?mt=2

Watch: 2018 Leadership Summit w/ Wayne Cordeiro

New Hope Las Vegas recently hosted their 2018 Leadership Summit with guest speaker Wayne Cordeiro. Pastor Wayne is the founding pastor of New Hope Oahu Christian Fellowship and has authored 12 books, including Doing Church as a Team and The Dream Releasers. Pastor Kent Miyoshi has graciously made the video of the Summit available to our PSW pastors. View the conference videos online at our district website - https://www.pswchurches.com/teachings/

Tools for Improving

We all want to improve. Sometimes to get better, we need education and information. At other times, a new tool is what is required to take the next step. Whatever it is that you need to improve, we hope to provide you with some resources that will at least spark an idea and at best be a solution that you’ve been looking for. This month we feature three resources:

Data: “Are Young People Really Leaving Christianity?” by J Warner Wallace. 
Blog: "Pivot: Innovative Leadership from a Small Church Perspective" by Karl Vaters
Tool: Aplos Accounting Software



Data: “Are Young People Really Leaving Christianity?” by J Warner Wallace.

J Warner Wallace, former detective for the Torrance (CA) Police Department and author of “Cold Case Christianity,” summarizes the results multiple studies and research projects on the subjects related to the spiritual views of teens and young adults. A very helpful tool to get an overview of the subject and to find additional resources that dig deeper into the the topic.



Blog: "Pivot: Innovative Leadership from a Small Church Perspective" by Karl Vaters

Pivot is a Christianity Today blog by pastor and author Karl Vaters. He writes about church health and innovative leadership from the perspective of small church. Karl has served as the senior pastor of Cornerstone (Assembly of God) in Fountain Valley for over 25 years. His experience of leading a small, healthy church led him to write “The Grasshopper Myth.” This weekly blog encourages, challenges, and resources leaders of small congregations.



Tool: Aplos Accounting Software

Aplos Accounting is a simple, online accounting software that allows a church to confidently manage their books. Simple to learn and user friendly, Aplos is a cloud based application that is specifically designed for churches and non-profits. It features true fund accounting, integrated budgeting tools, customized reporting, and more. Foursquare is working with Aplos to become a preferred service provider and offers discounts to Foursquare churches.