"We believe that divine healing is the power of the Lord Jesus Christ to heal the sick and the afflicted in answer to believing prayer…” 

This is the opening statement for Article 14 in the Declaration of Faith for the Foursquare Church. Even more significant is that healing is one of four cornerstones our foundational ministry convictions. Yet, in the ever changing challenges we face doing ministry in our culture we are rediscovering a need for healing for the whole person: the soul, as well as the spirit and the body. 

Christy Wimber, leader in the Vineyard movement, said in a recent interview on The 700 Club (1), “We’ve been talking about physical healing for so many years, and have seen God do remarkable things, but theres 1 in 4 who are struggling with mental health in our culture (2). Which means that in our healing prayer meetings or our church services, if we’re not acknowledging that we’re basically missing the people sitting in the seats.”

Effective churches have always been quick to adapt to the needs of the culture around them. Studies show that when people are struggling with mental illness, the first place they call is the church. Let’s be ready to provide the kind of care to our communities that the church has always responded to.

Video: Pastor Training Video: Anxiety Disorders

In this simple, 10 minute video, licensed mental health counselor Kristen Kansiewicz provides an oversight of the different kinds of anxiety disorder that we may encounter and offers suggestions on how we can respond.   

Article: Five Tips For Making Your Church Emotionally Safe

Kristen Kansiewicz, LMHC, offers some simple suggestions for making sure our church is a place for people to find hope and healing.

Resource: Hope For Mental Health - Ministry Starter Kit from Saddleback Church

The Hope for Mental Health Ministry ( extends the radical friendship of Jesus by providing transforming love, support, and hope through the local church, as we journey alongside people living with mental illness and their families in a holistic way.  -

(1) Interview with Christy Wimber’s interview on The 700 Club regarding the impact of mental health in our community and churches: 

(2) Actual statistics are 19% of adults, 44.7 million people in the US. The percentage is highest among young adults 18-25.From National Institute for Mental Health, online at