Stocking Stuffers for Your Church Year End

There’s nothing better than the celebrating the Christmas season with our church family! There’s also something about the new year that also is inspiring as we envision the great things that God has for our congregations in the new year. As wonderful as this time of year is, it also requires some important administrative tasks to keep us on track. Do you (like me) fall behind on our Hub reports? Maybe catching up on them will also inspire you as you review what God has done through the church in last few months? Are your giving records up to date? Making sure you’ve maintained good records will encourage you as you see how generous people are and how faithful God has been.

For many of us, its important that we not only make time to pray about where God is leading us but also about how we can best facilitate and “ad-minister” that vision.  These resources will help prepare us for the new year.

Church Council Resources:

Did you know that Foursquare has training videos and forms you can use to equip your church council? Check them out here:

Free Operational Training Resources:

Life Church (based in Edmond OK) is passionate about equipping churches. They not only are the developers of YouVersion Bible app, but many other apps and resources that are free to use (you will need to create an account). I especially like some of the resources they have to optimize church operations. Check them out here: 

Planning Tips (Calendar and Budgeting):

Once again, I’ve found some really helpful thought on these matter from my friend Karl Vaters (formerly the senior pastor at Cornerstone Church (AoG) in Westminster CA) on his blog, “Pivot” hosted at Christianity Today.  Here are two of my favorites because they are so practical for my setting:

Planning and Calendaring: 


(BTW, I’ve found that in our context, a budget review every quarter is really helpful. Our January council meeting will set the budget for Q2 - April-June. This allows us to be responsive to the income trends and have some planning/prep time as well).

Praying with you for a grace covered, favor-filled year!