Counseling resources to save you time!

I promise to save you time!

Can I give you a gift of 12 more hours today to use any way you want? Asked another way: Could I lessen your “counseling load” by 50% or more?  If you are a pastor that has to counsel others, be they leaders, pre-marrieds, marrieds or general church member, this Improvement Article is for you!  

I have two resources that have saved me 50% and more in my time of counseling.  

SYMBIS Assessment

What used to take me 10 sessions in a pre-marital meetings with a couple, now takes me  4 sessions with this tool.  Log on to  and choose to become a SYMBIS facilitator for a one time fee of $200.  You will get 3 hours of on line training to read and interpret assessments.  Once trained this is how it works:  A couple gives you their names, gender and email for both bride and groom.  You log on to your personal account with SYMBIS (Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts.) and send the couple an invite.  They pay $30 (total per couple) to take individual assessments and can be finished in a matter of minutes.  A detailed 15 page assessment is then immediately sent to you. You walk the couple through the findings.

TOWNSEND AND CLOUDʻS One Week Intensive (OWI) 

The One Week Intensive for Counselors is a one week training workshop for psychologists, therapists, counselors, pastoral caregivers, and those in helping roles. For over 20 years, Christian clinical psychologists Drs. Cloud and Townsend have used their biblical nature of the growth model to help millions to resolve depressions, anxiety disorders, addictions, character disorders, trauma issues, relational struggles, family dysfunctions and career problems.

There is no other training I know like this.  In a short time, I learned to diagnose and identify particular issues using the growth model, and experienced true healing for myself through relationships and structure. I now use this in EVERY one of my counseling sessions and feel confident to walk many to health and long-term restoration.  In this training, diagnosis and ability to treat from a biblical view has been fruitful and time saving (50% or more).  Check out the testimonies.

Next workshop March 25-29, 2019. 

Want more info? Call or write me:  Kiha Pimental, 808 561-5967,