Paying attention to your "gauges"

I recently met with a friend who shared with me how shocked he was that “all of a sudden,” his marriage fell apart. I can’t tell you how many suicide funerals I’ve done where the family and friends stood in wonder of “what they should’ve done to help” and how many young people I’ve visited in the hospital who has suffered some kind of health ailment due to poor eating and zero exercise. I’ve seen people go through a nervous breakdown and have anxiety attacks because of stress and other factors. I see people who are lost spiritually. 

I’m sure you have similar stories. We all know someone in these categories or even worse, it could be us. 

We all know that marriages don’t “all of a sudden” fall apart, it happens over time…little by little. The hurt, the brokenness, and the pain, go unnoticed and the result over time, is the fall. Suicide is an epidemic and being healthy is one of the greatest struggles in our nation. We live in an emotional unhealthy world, and many people are so far from God, they can’t even see any hope ahead. Even as Christians, we have issues we don’t like bringing up or visiting. The sad thing is that we are okay with burying it so that we can move on and “live.” That’s not living, that’s surviving. 

I thought, there must be some way for us to prevent these things from happening, or at least, do better than what we’ve been doing. So, I thought about it this way.  

In order for me to drive my car, I will need to have fuel in the tank, oil in the engine, and other necessities needed for my car to go. I will not know if I have these necessities unless I have a way to monitor them. Well, the good news is that we monitor these necessities by the gauges on our dashboard. To see how fast I’m going, I check my speedometer, to see how I’m doing on fuel, I check my gas gauge. If my oil light comes on, I need to change the oil, not cover the oil light with a piece of tape or pull out the bulb! The gauges and lights of our dashboard is not the issue, something under the surface of the hood is the issue. But I won’t know what is happening under the hood unless I pay attention to the gauges. 

There are four essential areas in our lives that need to be monitored: our spirit, our physical body, our emotions, and our mind. Yet, when it comes to these four areas in our life, how do we measure them? How do we know what’s happening beneath the surface? This is where inGauged comes in; Spiritual, Physical, Emotional, and Mental Gauge. It’s a way for us to monitor how we’re doing in these areas, so that we can do something about it, rather than cover it up, or change the exterior. I look at these 4 Gauges as the dashboard to my life. Our spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental gauges help us to live a more balanced life so that we can reach our fullest potential. Jesus said, in Mark 12:30, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.”

Heart (Emotions), Soul (Spirit), Mind (Mental), Strength (Physical)

Here’s something a team of us have been working on to help us get healthy. It is an app called inGauged (Download from the App Store. Android coming soon). Can we partner together to see how we can make this app better so that we help each other become healthier spiritually, physically, emotionally, and mentally? I would appreciate your input and suggestions for improvements (email me: I believe we will only become healthier and reach our fullest potential when we do this together!

Download the inGauged app here