What is Your Greatest Blind Spot?

What is Your Greatest Blind Spot?

There is one common blind spot that most leaders share. It not the lack of a particular skill, method, or process. It’s actually internal to the leader themselves; it is understanding who they are. Self-awareness has been cited as the most important capability for a leader to develop (1). There are a number of resources available that can serve as a mirror to understand the unique way that God has designed you. Listed below are a number of various “tests” that can be an introduction to a better understanding of one’s self. The inclusion of a particular assessment in this article is not an endorsement of the approach of theory behind each kind of evaluation. Each link is to a sample test which in no way is fully comprehensive, but serves as a introduction to the methodology. What I will say is that I have personally found each of these resources helpful and insightful in some way, and increasing my understanding of how God has made me. 

Personality Tests

For decades, people have found these various tests helpful to understand the way their personality type influences their life perspective.

16 Personalities (Myers-Briggs Type Indicator)


9 Types (Riso-Hudson Enneagram Type Indicator)


Strengths Test

The theory behind the strengths approach is that one should focus on maximizing the use of one’s natural skill set rather than primarily focusing on improvement one's areas of deficit.


Emotional Intelligence Tests

Emotional Intelligence describe a person’s ability to manage one’s own emotions, identify the emotions of others, and harness one’s own emotions to complete tasks. This relational intelligence is key to understanding and empathizing with others.


Core Values

For those looking to go a little deeper into understanding their design, our PSWD district partner Beth Barone at K2 (Kingdom Katalyst) offers “Core Values.” This series will unlock a simple, but profound relationship framework that every human being operates in—both in healthy and unhealthy ways. As you discover your Values, you will learn how to discern the Values of those you live and work with, and receive practical tools to win in relationships. It is the third installment of a discipleship journey that is built on  “Pure Love” and “Path To Freedom.”


(1) https://sloanreview.mit.edu/article/self-awareness-a-key-to-better-leadership/