Praying for missions

Every great move of God begins with PRAYER. The most significant way you can partner with our Foursquare missionaries and leaders around the world is through continuous and fervent prayer. Because we truly covet your prayers, we provide resources to help you focus your prayers and join with others in our Foursquare family in united prayer for global evangelism.

The Foursquare Missions is constantly update with resources to help your congregation engage in supporting the work taking place around the world. Visit to access these resources. You can also download the current FMI prayers guide below.


Putting yourself in the offering plate.


It's human nature to respond to God's call with excuses, hesitation or even by ignoring Him. And the people of the Bible were most definitely human. Whether it was Moses's speech impediment, Gideon's fleece or Jonah avoiding Nineveh, many of God's "sent ones" weren't exactly chomping at the bit to be on mission. But they eventually trusted God over their fears. They took the next step of obedience. And God worked incredible miracles. So, if you're feeling that call, that quiet nudge from the Holy Spirit, take Ted Vail's advice and "put yourself in the offering plate." It's time to take your next step with Jesus!

A Call to Missions

“Angles Temple is opening one of the mightiest missional enterprises that has ever been started.  Nothing short of establishing missionaries and missions stations in every land and among every kindred, tribe and tongue, will satisfy these ernest, enthusiastic and consecrated followers of the Foursquare Gospel. ‘The field is the world,’ is their motto, and ‘Around the world with the Foursquare Gospel’ is their slogan. The spirit of the Foursquare Gospel is that of the true pioneer.”  - Aimee Semple McPherson in Bridal Call Magazine, October 1927

Missionaries are found in every age group and culture around the world. From our youth hearing the call at camp, to our more mature “seniors” in a later season of life, to everyone in between, our churches are full of potential missionaries needing to be equipped and deployed into the the field. FMI (Foursquare Missions International) has training opportunities for the various stages of readiness, but what they need the most are potential names. We are currently helping to build a pipeline for identifying, training and deploying future missionaries from our PSW district...and we need your help!  

Do you have 1 or 2 names of potential missionaries that you would like to suggest be included in our recruitment database? We'd love to know who they are. It’s as easy as a simple email to As your District Missions Reps, we will help connect them to FMI for training and deployment.  

With their permission, please include:

  • First & Last Name
  • Best phone
  • Email
  • Home Church
  • Region/Nation of Interest

Time is short, and the harvest IS plentiful! Let’s join together and get the laborers to the field. We can’t wait to celebrate the release of more and more missionaries raised up from our PSW churches by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Until all have heard,
Ryan and Johanna Oddo
PSW District DMRs

Planting Hope in Colombia

Several of us just returned from an incredible trip to Colombia.  We came to see the dynamic church-planting partnership between Compassion International and Foursquare churches in Colombia.  Together they are planting churches in highly impoverished areas where children are most vulnerable.  Each church launches with 200 sponsored kids from 200 different families in the immediate community.  Compassion partners with volunteers from the church to feed, disciple, & mentor these kids toward holistic health.  

This video tells the story in more detail:  

Here are some ways we can partner together as a district to make a huge kingdom impact: 

1) We can help to fund a church plant that will have an immediate impact on more than 200 children and families (3 new church plant opportunities are ready & waiting)

2) We can host a Compassion Sunday that invites our congregations to become child sponsors (this is a turn key program ready for implementation)


Standing Strong in the wake of a Cyclone


This February, Cyclone Gita ripped through the island nation of Tonga. Please keep praying for our PSW Area Missionaries Jerry & Julie Stott as they continue to encourage the Foursquare pastors in Tonga. Close to 30 Foursquare families have been impacted as well as the church in Tonga.

Although this was the worst storm to hit Tonga in more than half a century leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, it didn’t deter Foursquare members in the South Pacific island nation from gathering to worship, even though their usual meeting place was damaged. Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) quickly partnered with local Foursquare leaders to be "the tip of the spear" for relief. You can find out how the compassionate actions of leaders in the South Pacific have kept churches open and families safe by clicking here.


Meet the Area Missionaries for the South Pacific


Jerry & Julie Stott

Dr. Jerry and Rev. Julie Stott serve the South Pacific Region of Foursquare Churches as Area Missionaries.
Jerry and Julie both received their calling to serve the Lord at age 16. Jerry went to Bible College receiving a diploma in 1984, in the same year he married Julie.

After they were married they served full-time in the Tucson, Arizona Foursquare church from 1985-1991. From 1991-2003, they were senior pastors in a Foursquare church in Southern California. During those years they also served as an Orange County, California Superintendent, for division 27 of the Southwest District Churches, District Pastoral Assessor and as Orange County Police Chaplains.

During the years in Southern California Jerry and Julie began reaching out to the many immigrants throughout their local church area. This led to reaching further overseas into Asia and the South Pacific. This was the beginning of the burning in their hearts for missions.
Jerry began traveling from California to many parts of Asia and the South Pacific islands, doing extensive evangelism and outreach. Many healings and miracles followed as he ministered into these nations and as well in his own church.

Jerry and Julie have been serving Foursquare in a pastoral role since 1984 and serving FMI South Pacific region since 2003. During the years of ministry, Jerry earned a m asters d egree in t heology, a doctorate in p astoral t heology and a doctorate in s criptural psychology, with US board certification. Julie earned an Associates degree in Pastoral Ministry.

In 2003, God called Jerry to full-time missions work for Foursquare Missions International as the Regional Coordinator to the South Pacific Region, now based in Brisbane, Australia. Within the 12 years of serving FMI, they had been based in Jakarta, Indonesia and Sydney, Australia. This region has grown tremendously over the past 12 years, from 1,100 churches to over 23,000 churches and ministries as they both served in this role. When they began to serve FMI in their region, Foursquare was registered in 3 nations and today Foursquare is now registered in 15 South Pacific nations, with more open doors developing everyday.

Global Missions in the Pacific Southwest District

Take a peek and see what’s happening in PSW Missions!  We are super excited for all the ways God is expanding His kingdom throughout our world.  Continents, nations and individual lives are being radically impacted as the power of the Gospel reaches into dark places and sets people free.  Let’s continue to partner together effectively…Here are some new “happenings” for our District:

At Fall Conference, our Supervisor, Fernando Castillo, announced our District has adopted Area Missionaries Jerry and Julie Stott from the South Pacific Region.  They are praying and planning for the expansion of the Foursquare churches into Fiji and surrounding islands.  Planning is underway for potential vision trips in the near future.  Our District Council has also made an investment in the care and refreshment of our Area Missionaries.

 Exciting news for Missionaries in the Deployment Pipeline (or those considering the call to fulltime missions).  You may know there are 3 levels of training any FMI missionary must complete before being deployed to the field.  As a district, we wanted to lift the burden of these costs for our PSW missionaries who are often taking time off work to attend trainings, connect with churches and serve in ministry as they raise their support for the field.  Our plan is for them to raise their own support for level 1 training, but our district will cover expenses for levels 2 & 3 training if they are approved to move forward.  We dream of a bursting pipeline of new missionaries flowing out of the PSW District.

 We are intentionally connecting with the raising up of our future missionaries from the Youth/Young Adults of this generation.  We will begin to have a missions presence at the upcoming youth camps – we look forward to meeting your youth at the district camps!

We are currently developing a Social Media – Facebook presence.  It’s connected to the main PSW District Facebook page. If you are a Facebook user, you will be able to log onto the MISSIONS GROUP page to see updates and prayer requests for all our “facebook using” deployed missionaries.

We’ll see you at Connection 2018!  Feel free to stop the FMI Booth or connect with missionaries at the International Banquet.  We are honored to be serving with you all!

 Much Love,
Ryan & Johanna Oddo
PSW District DMRs