Global Missions in the Pacific Southwest District

Take a peek and see what’s happening in PSW Missions!  We are super excited for all the ways God is expanding His kingdom throughout our world.  Continents, nations and individual lives are being radically impacted as the power of the Gospel reaches into dark places and sets people free.  Let’s continue to partner together effectively…Here are some new “happenings” for our District:

At Fall Conference, our Supervisor, Fernando Castillo, announced our District has adopted Area Missionaries Jerry and Julie Stott from the South Pacific Region.  They are praying and planning for the expansion of the Foursquare churches into Fiji and surrounding islands.  Planning is underway for potential vision trips in the near future.  Our District Council has also made an investment in the care and refreshment of our Area Missionaries.

 Exciting news for Missionaries in the Deployment Pipeline (or those considering the call to fulltime missions).  You may know there are 3 levels of training any FMI missionary must complete before being deployed to the field.  As a district, we wanted to lift the burden of these costs for our PSW missionaries who are often taking time off work to attend trainings, connect with churches and serve in ministry as they raise their support for the field.  Our plan is for them to raise their own support for level 1 training, but our district will cover expenses for levels 2 & 3 training if they are approved to move forward.  We dream of a bursting pipeline of new missionaries flowing out of the PSW District.

 We are intentionally connecting with the raising up of our future missionaries from the Youth/Young Adults of this generation.  We will begin to have a missions presence at the upcoming youth camps – we look forward to meeting your youth at the district camps!

We are currently developing a Social Media – Facebook presence.  It’s connected to the main PSW District Facebook page. If you are a Facebook user, you will be able to log onto the MISSIONS GROUP page to see updates and prayer requests for all our “facebook using” deployed missionaries.

We’ll see you at Connection 2018!  Feel free to stop the FMI Booth or connect with missionaries at the International Banquet.  We are honored to be serving with you all!

 Much Love,
Ryan & Johanna Oddo
PSW District DMRs