Standing Strong in the wake of a Cyclone


This February, Cyclone Gita ripped through the island nation of Tonga. Please keep praying for our PSW Area Missionaries Jerry & Julie Stott as they continue to encourage the Foursquare pastors in Tonga. Close to 30 Foursquare families have been impacted as well as the church in Tonga.

Although this was the worst storm to hit Tonga in more than half a century leaving a trail of destruction in its wake, it didn’t deter Foursquare members in the South Pacific island nation from gathering to worship, even though their usual meeting place was damaged. Foursquare Disaster Relief (FDR) quickly partnered with local Foursquare leaders to be "the tip of the spear" for relief. You can find out how the compassionate actions of leaders in the South Pacific have kept churches open and families safe by clicking here.


Meet the Area Missionaries for the South Pacific


Jerry & Julie Stott

Dr. Jerry and Rev. Julie Stott serve the South Pacific Region of Foursquare Churches as Area Missionaries.
Jerry and Julie both received their calling to serve the Lord at age 16. Jerry went to Bible College receiving a diploma in 1984, in the same year he married Julie.

After they were married they served full-time in the Tucson, Arizona Foursquare church from 1985-1991. From 1991-2003, they were senior pastors in a Foursquare church in Southern California. During those years they also served as an Orange County, California Superintendent, for division 27 of the Southwest District Churches, District Pastoral Assessor and as Orange County Police Chaplains.

During the years in Southern California Jerry and Julie began reaching out to the many immigrants throughout their local church area. This led to reaching further overseas into Asia and the South Pacific. This was the beginning of the burning in their hearts for missions.
Jerry began traveling from California to many parts of Asia and the South Pacific islands, doing extensive evangelism and outreach. Many healings and miracles followed as he ministered into these nations and as well in his own church.

Jerry and Julie have been serving Foursquare in a pastoral role since 1984 and serving FMI South Pacific region since 2003. During the years of ministry, Jerry earned a m asters d egree in t heology, a doctorate in p astoral t heology and a doctorate in s criptural psychology, with US board certification. Julie earned an Associates degree in Pastoral Ministry.

In 2003, God called Jerry to full-time missions work for Foursquare Missions International as the Regional Coordinator to the South Pacific Region, now based in Brisbane, Australia. Within the 12 years of serving FMI, they had been based in Jakarta, Indonesia and Sydney, Australia. This region has grown tremendously over the past 12 years, from 1,100 churches to over 23,000 churches and ministries as they both served in this role. When they began to serve FMI in their region, Foursquare was registered in 3 nations and today Foursquare is now registered in 15 South Pacific nations, with more open doors developing everyday.