A Call to Missions

“Angles Temple is opening one of the mightiest missional enterprises that has ever been started.  Nothing short of establishing missionaries and missions stations in every land and among every kindred, tribe and tongue, will satisfy these ernest, enthusiastic and consecrated followers of the Foursquare Gospel. ‘The field is the world,’ is their motto, and ‘Around the world with the Foursquare Gospel’ is their slogan. The spirit of the Foursquare Gospel is that of the true pioneer.”  - Aimee Semple McPherson in Bridal Call Magazine, October 1927

Missionaries are found in every age group and culture around the world. From our youth hearing the call at camp, to our more mature “seniors” in a later season of life, to everyone in between, our churches are full of potential missionaries needing to be equipped and deployed into the the field. FMI (Foursquare Missions International) has training opportunities for the various stages of readiness, but what they need the most are potential names. We are currently helping to build a pipeline for identifying, training and deploying future missionaries from our PSW district...and we need your help!  

Do you have 1 or 2 names of potential missionaries that you would like to suggest be included in our recruitment database? We'd love to know who they are. It’s as easy as a simple email to johanna@thebridgersm.com. As your District Missions Reps, we will help connect them to FMI for training and deployment.  

With their permission, please include:

  • First & Last Name
  • Best phone
  • Email
  • Home Church
  • Region/Nation of Interest

Time is short, and the harvest IS plentiful! Let’s join together and get the laborers to the field. We can’t wait to celebrate the release of more and more missionaries raised up from our PSW churches by the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Until all have heard,
Ryan and Johanna Oddo
PSW District DMRs