Celebrating New Church Plants


Congratulations to the newest graduates of the Foursquare Multiply West Coast (FMWC) Cohort.  John and Vera Wagner, Justin and Janae Klatt, John and Rhonda Cabello, Joey and Hanna Sallas.   FMWC is our District Church Planting Training for those desiring to plant the gospel in a new community of faith.  

John Cabello says: “Here I learned the heart of our denomination. I believe every pastor, especially the newly licensed, should experience this cohort.  It redefined my thinking.  It went from all about numbers to it is all about the transformation of my community.”   

Jon Wagner:  “I recommend all pastors to go through this, be they young, old, experienced, inexperienced.   We need to be continuous learners to help us navigate the trials and challenges-- to expand the kingdom instead of ourselves.”  

Our next cohort begins in February!  If you or someone you know would like to join us click here for more info: http://foursquaremultiply.contraststaging.com/or email us at info@foursquaremultiply.com, or call me at (808) 561-5967.    

Take the Pressure OFF!

In cutting edge sports psychology, there are two ways to define winning. One definition leads to pressure, and the other leads to great freedom. In the SCOREBOARD definition, focus is on who has most points on the board, talent and strength of the opponent, and making mistakes are never OK. In the MASTERY definition of winning, the focus is on learning, giving great effort, and bouncing back quickly (resilience) after mistakes.

The studies show that In the SCOREBOARD view, people feel growing pressure, lose confidence, and experience anxiety. In the MASTERY definition, it is fun and free to play. Whatʻs the difference between the two? The simple answer is Control. In the SCOREBOARD definition, the player cannot control the score, or the talent of the opponent, or not making mistakes. In the MASTERY view, learning, effort and bouncing back is always under the playerʻs control. This is why we hear a lot of professionals athletes say, “Focus on what we can control.” Wait there’s more! The studies also show if we take our eyes off of the clock, opponent and scoreboard and focus on MASTERY, the scores begin to turn in our favor anyway!   


We have just come through the Momentum District Conferences and conversations about Multiplication. If you are feeling pressure to perform, you may be focussed on things that are not in your control. Let’s take our eyes off how many attended service and focus on how many we can invite to church this weekend. Let’s take our eyes off number of hands raised for Jesus and focus on how do we care for them with a welcome bible and an invite to small group. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to other churches and instead focus on inviting more to become servant leaders, looking for and training potential pastors, and encouraging potential church planters. Let’s not validate or invalidate ourselves on numbers and instead let’s focus on the Master and MASTERY!

Multiply Believers! 

An amazing event is coming to the PSW starting in Hawaii. The one and only Nick Vujicic is coming to Hawaii and will pack our Foursquare churches to the brim. Nick is going to broadcast live and then simulcast to every Foursquare church. A couple of years ago Nick did an outreach at the Aloha Stadium, and while hundreds gave their life to Jesus, very few found a church and are disciples today. Well Nick’s idea is that if we simulcast to all churches in a time zone then the people saved in your church will stay in your church!   Check out this video:

You can do it in five easy steps:

1. Sign up your church right now: https://www.lifewithoutlimbs.org/livesimulcast/

2.  Secure a sight for six nights. Then make sure there is internet to your site. Best if you have a wired connection to your computer/tv and/or projector. Doors open at 6:30 and program starts right at 7pm. 

3.  Use these flyers and postcards to let your community know: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/1i3tjvsqyfmlldh/AABpsNP-Az7WL8-pat3ctnBJa?dl=0

4.  Nick has thought of everything. He’s made a series of videos each a couple minutes to prep you and your team on every part of the event. It’s genius. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLSroKAJSUwkQh3xSHogzgxg9DHFVNkXoP

Call me for more info.


(808) 5615968. 

Multiply Believers and Disciples!

One of the things I have learned owning a business is that a customer will tell me what they need and want if I ask the right questions.  Before selling a particular product or service, I will ask them a ton of questions about what are they are looking for or dreaming, what is their timeline, what are “must haves” and what are “nice to haves,” how do they prioritize these, and how much they are willing to pay.  I take careful notes to all the answers to these questions, I can give them a product or service or answer that satisfies most of their needs and sometimes even their wants.  I’ve redeemed this approach to help plant, encourage, build or grow faith as well.

Case in point.  I am often asked to bless a home when “weird things happen” on a property.  I begin to ask a ton of questions what they are experiencing.  I get answers like we hear “visitors” walking or talking; sometimes family members can see them, more often the children.  Doors are slamming, tools/things are being moved from one room to another.  I’ve had backhoe was turn on in the middle of the night, another where spirits told the kids “don’t tell your parents,” and I’ve had them sit on me where I could not breathe.  I then ask family members what they believe about what is happening.  In their answers I discern their worldview, and their heavenly view.  They tell me that they are hoping I can pray to “fix” the situation.  Often they have had other priests or “kahuna” but they failed to fix the situation.     

My answer brings me to the title of this article.  For those who have no faith, or a distorted faith, I see it as opportunity to MULTIPLY BELIEVERS.  I tell them that their prayers are just as powerful as mine as they are the “authority” of the place.  I share the gospel, and give them chance to choose and know the risen Jesus as King and Savior.  Now they have the authority to cast out their “visitors” themselves. They ALL run in Jesus name. If people are already believers then I say LET’S MULTIPLY DISCIPLES!  In all cases I teach them how to pray, and how to command the spirits to leave the home and the property in Jesus name. I find that the children love this the most.  It always works.  As they go from room to room, I hear their prayers get bolder and bolder.  (I only agree with what they pray.  Maybe I’ll pray in tongues quietly.)  Every situation is a new exciting adventure.  Let’s ask good questions and listen above and below when we find opportunities to draw families unto the “One who is greater in us than he who is in the world.” 

Serving with you,


Can you feel the Momentum?

Something exciting has been happening over the last few years for us in the Pacific Southwest District.  Under Supervisor Fernando Castilloʻs leadership, there have been new church plants in Aina Haina, Bullhead City, Escondido, Fullerton, Honolulu, Keaukaha, Mililani, North Las Vegas, 3 in San Diego, Wahiawa, Waikoloa and a number more in the pipeline!  We have been in partnership with the Pacific Northwest and the Northwest Districts as they are feeling this same swell.  So we introduce a new church planting movement:  http://foursquaremultiply.contraststaging.com/

Training Leaders, Planting Churches

If you are even slightly interested consider joining our next Church Planters Cohort beginning August 2018!  Yes thatʻs now!  Itʻs not too late.  

For more info contact: 
Pastor Kiha Pimental
Associate District Supervisor
(808) 561-5967

The Power of Camp in Developing Leaders

One thing every pastor is looking for is leaders. Bill Hybels has said that the local church is the hope of the world, but leaders are the hope of the church. Every pastor desires to train and equip leaders, but many of us struggle to discover and develop those who God has already entrusted to our care. I’d like to suggest that the greatest pool of leaders you have are the ones you’re sending to summer camp.

The spiritual benefit of sending students to camp is proven. In our own movement, 1 of every 100 people who receive Jesus as their Savior do so at camp. 25% of all reported Baptisms with the Holy Spirit happen at summer camp. Most significantly for this conversation, more teens are called to the ministry each year at camp (+/- 1600) than we have Foursquare Churches in the US. The camp experience is especially significant for girls, reflected by the fact that 2/3 of all women currently serving in senior leadership positions first felt called to servant-leadership as a teen at camp. Camp is the entry point for leadership in the Foursquare movement (the research quoted in this article, “Camp & Call: The Impact of Camp on Foursquare Pastors” is available online by clicking here).

Senior leaders would be wise to make a personal investment in these students. Our PSW NextGen team will be providing each church with the reports of the spiritual experiences of the students you send to camp, including a list of names of those from your church who feel God’s call to lifetime Kingdom service. The question is, what will we do with that information? Here’s a couple suggestions that could be implemented immediately…

  1. Visit camp this summer. Senior pastors are always welcome to come visit and experience camp. You will leave inspired and encouraged when you see God moving in the lives of your students.
  2.  Know the scriptural theme and ministry thrust of camp. After camp, have a follow up meeting with the kids who go to camp and present a devotional on the theme and receive first-hand reports of their experiences.
  3. Develop a leadership training track for young people in your church.

I recently came across an article* from a few years back that continues to help me think through how to maximize the opportunity to release the leadership potential and call in the lives of young people. These insights about developing young leaders are worth sharing: 

  1. Nurture their inner lives. Future leaders will always need an authentic and deep faith to sustain them through the journey of ministering the gospel in a rapidly changing culture.
  2. Focus on their potential. Don’t focus on their current skills, or lack of them; see the leader they could become.
  3. Let them lead (and fail) and lead again.
  4. Encourage innovation and risk-taking. We need those next generation leaders who will charge into new projects and find daring, new ways to present the never changing good news of Jesus.
  5. Think long- and short-term. Investing time in young leaders is a surefire sign that we're thinking about the future and not content with mere short-term success.
  6. Model humility.

The future of The Foursquare Church and our local churches is dependent upon identifying, training, and releasing servant-leaders. God has already placed them in our congregations. God uses the camp experience to ignite them. Let’s not overlook the opportunity that is right before us.


* “Developing Future Leaders” by Scott Thomas. Online at https://www.christianitytoday.com/pastors/2013/winter/developing-future-leaders.html



Why Not Use the Secret Weapon?

Foursquare Chaplaincy International (FCI) “takes the Foursquare Gospel to those who need help, hope and healing in places beyond the typical reach of the local church.” Chaplains are pastors who serve in a variety of environments including military bases, ships, war zones, hospitals, hospices, crime scenes, prisons, workplaces and natural disasters.

Chaplains are a secret weapon waiting to be used.  Here is what I mean.  Schools, businesses, non-profits, and government often set a boundary against pastors.  But a chaplain is given an open door to the very heart of their organizations.  As a specialized chaplain, you are welcomed into the leadership of business (think rotary invocations, ethics counseling), sports teams (think chapel services for high school, college and professional athletes), college campuses, hotel, cruise and hospitality industry (think wedding officiant, chapel services, invocations), homeless shelters and retirement homes, non profits, beach, surf or snow ski events (think invocation before contests), RV parks, motorcycle and car clubs, etc.  Every people group you can imagine outside a church can welcome a chaplain, like special forces infiltrating territory foreign to the Gospel. 

Possible action steps:

  1. Begin to see every people group around your church as a mission field.
  2. Consider the people in your church as “chaplains in training” to their prospective field, equip the saints to become pastors/chaplains, and deploy the secret weapon.
  3. Go to every school or college around your church and introduce yourself as a volunteer chaplain willing to serve as ethicist, counselor, chaplain for sports teams, invoker before events, leader of after school programs like Good News Club.
  4. Offer your services to every business, non-profit and/or retirement home in the area. I know of a chaplain at a car dealership where he has an office and makes himself available to counseling to employees and customers twice a week.
  5. Consider every crisis as opportunity to minister to a people group with chaplains.  AS SOON AS CRISIS OCCURS CALL THE FOURSQUARE CHAPLAINCY, as they can ONLY be deployed with a request from you. THEY CANNOT SELF DEPLOY.
  6. Become an endorsed Foursquare Chaplain.  Train and support your leaders to become pastors, then help Foursquare endorse them to become chaplains.  Deploy them.

For more information visit https://www.foursquare.org/chaplains or call Kiha Pimental at 808 561-5967.  

A Church in a Pub?

Our Foursquare church planting movement is “non-model specific” giving us great freedom to follow Jesusʻ mandate to make disciples.  There are traditional churches that follow the “attractional model.”  Many know this as “church in a box” or a gathering in a house of worship.  In this model it is common to have churches that gather in a home, in a school cafeteria, in a warehouse, or in a church building.  On the other hand, the “missional model” looks like the Oregon Public House where a planter looks to “exegete” the community to meet and reach them where they are.  This particular Oregon community values microbreweries and non-profits.  Check out this story of Pastor Ryan Saari and the Oregon Public House.  

Keep an eye out in Westminster California, where Noelani and Ed Jai will be launching a non-profit coffee house/boba tea company with a learning center to bless that community. Their church called Jesus House will hold worship services in space from the non-profit.

What does your community value?  How could Jesus plant the gospel there?  Call or write me if youʻre inspired!

Kiha Pimental (808) 561-5967.  Kpimental@foursquare.org.  

Multiply Foster Churches! 


Recently, a young couple I know chose to be foster parents to an infant and a couple of toddlers.  They knew heartbreaking ordeal it would be after attaching and bonding to these beautiful children, they chose to release them back to moms and dads.  All children need parents, and if they don’t have their own, foster parents are heroes that fill this need.  I assert that this is the same with Church Planters who need Foster Parent Churches.    

We have seen Church Planters start and survive on their own, but it is so much more healthy when they covering of a Parent Church.  Like a child, a Planter can benefit from systems, structure, resources, love and relationships already in place by a biological or foster parent.  God gives us parents so we can learn from their mistakes!    

Our district needs more Foster Parent Churches to adopt current and future Church Planters.  Heroes like Mark Slomka and Larry White who are committed to leading Foster Parent Churches to planters without a cover.   Mark is Foster Parent to three couples who have planted.   Another hero is Scott Shiroma who has raised three pastors in his church hoping pass leadership to them.  Each of the three went on to pastor other active churches that needed a lead pastor.  Mark and Scott and their churches feel the heartbreak (and walletbreak), but they still choose to do it for the sake of the Kingdom. 

There are more of you heroes out there.  If you would like to be a Foster Parent Church or have pastors ready to care for other churches please email me at Kpimental@Foursquare.org or call 808 561-5967, or if you are really burdened, come visit me in Hawaii!   Kiha Pimental 

Multiply Pastors


Multiply Pastors!  I lead with this title because many pastors see multiplication and immediately assume it means multiplication of churches.  And most churches are not in a position to plant a church, so pastors will stop reading this article after seeing multiplication.  Please read on!

Anybody can release potential leaders into ministry with a word, a conversation, a prophecy, or by boldly sharing a dream about their future.  Encourage the next generation by letting them shadow you so they can see the possibility for themselves.  Let’s all raise youth to become youth leaders and youth pastors.  Find, mentor and support students while in high school, college (bible or not) and seminary.  Redeem the gifting and success of marketplace leaders for the pastorate.   Only a Senior Pastor can initiate the pastoral process for this new leader.

Let us help you Multiply Pastors by emailing me at Kpimental@Foursquare.org or Tim Abe at Tabe@Foursquare.org

Has God planted a church in your heart?


Let’s help you release that dream!  In the Pacific Southwest we recommend the Church Planting Roadmap that you can find on the PSW website under Multiplication.  One stop on the Roadmap is joining a Church Planter Cohort (CPC).  CPC for 2018 begins in the first week of February.  Yes that is right now!   The next Cohort begins August 2018.  For more information on the Church Planter Cohort see the Pacific Southwest Church Planting Cohort. 


For more info contact:
Pastor Kiha Pimental
Associate District Supervisor
(808) 561-5967