Take the Pressure OFF!

In cutting edge sports psychology, there are two ways to define winning. One definition leads to pressure, and the other leads to great freedom. In the SCOREBOARD definition, focus is on who has most points on the board, talent and strength of the opponent, and making mistakes are never OK. In the MASTERY definition of winning, the focus is on learning, giving great effort, and bouncing back quickly (resilience) after mistakes.

The studies show that In the SCOREBOARD view, people feel growing pressure, lose confidence, and experience anxiety. In the MASTERY definition, it is fun and free to play. Whatʻs the difference between the two? The simple answer is Control. In the SCOREBOARD definition, the player cannot control the score, or the talent of the opponent, or not making mistakes. In the MASTERY view, learning, effort and bouncing back is always under the playerʻs control. This is why we hear a lot of professionals athletes say, “Focus on what we can control.” Wait there’s more! The studies also show if we take our eyes off of the clock, opponent and scoreboard and focus on MASTERY, the scores begin to turn in our favor anyway!   


We have just come through the Momentum District Conferences and conversations about Multiplication. If you are feeling pressure to perform, you may be focussed on things that are not in your control. Let’s take our eyes off how many attended service and focus on how many we can invite to church this weekend. Let’s take our eyes off number of hands raised for Jesus and focus on how do we care for them with a welcome bible and an invite to small group. Let’s stop comparing ourselves to other churches and instead focus on inviting more to become servant leaders, looking for and training potential pastors, and encouraging potential church planters. Let’s not validate or invalidate ourselves on numbers and instead let’s focus on the Master and MASTERY!