Celebrating New Church Plants


Congratulations to the newest graduates of the Foursquare Multiply West Coast (FMWC) Cohort.  John and Vera Wagner, Justin and Janae Klatt, John and Rhonda Cabello, Joey and Hanna Sallas.   FMWC is our District Church Planting Training for those desiring to plant the gospel in a new community of faith.  

John Cabello says: “Here I learned the heart of our denomination. I believe every pastor, especially the newly licensed, should experience this cohort.  It redefined my thinking.  It went from all about numbers to it is all about the transformation of my community.”   

Jon Wagner:  “I recommend all pastors to go through this, be they young, old, experienced, inexperienced.   We need to be continuous learners to help us navigate the trials and challenges-- to expand the kingdom instead of ourselves.”  

Our next cohort begins in February!  If you or someone you know would like to join us click here for more info: http://foursquaremultiply.contraststaging.com/or email us at info@foursquaremultiply.com, or call me at (808) 561-5967.