A Church in a Pub?

Our Foursquare church planting movement is “non-model specific” giving us great freedom to follow Jesusʻ mandate to make disciples.  There are traditional churches that follow the “attractional model.”  Many know this as “church in a box” or a gathering in a house of worship.  In this model it is common to have churches that gather in a home, in a school cafeteria, in a warehouse, or in a church building.  On the other hand, the “missional model” looks like the Oregon Public House where a planter looks to “exegete” the community to meet and reach them where they are.  This particular Oregon community values microbreweries and non-profits.  Check out this story of Pastor Ryan Saari and the Oregon Public House.  

Keep an eye out in Westminster California, where Noelani and Ed Jai will be launching a non-profit coffee house/boba tea company with a learning center to bless that community. Their church called Jesus House will hold worship services in space from the non-profit.

What does your community value?  How could Jesus plant the gospel there?  Call or write me if youʻre inspired!

Kiha Pimental (808) 561-5967.  Kpimental@foursquare.org.