Why Not Use the Secret Weapon?

Foursquare Chaplaincy International (FCI) “takes the Foursquare Gospel to those who need help, hope and healing in places beyond the typical reach of the local church.” Chaplains are pastors who serve in a variety of environments including military bases, ships, war zones, hospitals, hospices, crime scenes, prisons, workplaces and natural disasters.

Chaplains are a secret weapon waiting to be used.  Here is what I mean.  Schools, businesses, non-profits, and government often set a boundary against pastors.  But a chaplain is given an open door to the very heart of their organizations.  As a specialized chaplain, you are welcomed into the leadership of business (think rotary invocations, ethics counseling), sports teams (think chapel services for high school, college and professional athletes), college campuses, hotel, cruise and hospitality industry (think wedding officiant, chapel services, invocations), homeless shelters and retirement homes, non profits, beach, surf or snow ski events (think invocation before contests), RV parks, motorcycle and car clubs, etc.  Every people group you can imagine outside a church can welcome a chaplain, like special forces infiltrating territory foreign to the Gospel. 

Possible action steps:

  1. Begin to see every people group around your church as a mission field.
  2. Consider the people in your church as “chaplains in training” to their prospective field, equip the saints to become pastors/chaplains, and deploy the secret weapon.
  3. Go to every school or college around your church and introduce yourself as a volunteer chaplain willing to serve as ethicist, counselor, chaplain for sports teams, invoker before events, leader of after school programs like Good News Club.
  4. Offer your services to every business, non-profit and/or retirement home in the area. I know of a chaplain at a car dealership where he has an office and makes himself available to counseling to employees and customers twice a week.
  5. Consider every crisis as opportunity to minister to a people group with chaplains.  AS SOON AS CRISIS OCCURS CALL THE FOURSQUARE CHAPLAINCY, as they can ONLY be deployed with a request from you. THEY CANNOT SELF DEPLOY.
  6. Become an endorsed Foursquare Chaplain.  Train and support your leaders to become pastors, then help Foursquare endorse them to become chaplains.  Deploy them.

For more information visit https://www.foursquare.org/chaplains or call Kiha Pimental at 808 561-5967.