Multiply Believers and Disciples!

One of the things I have learned owning a business is that a customer will tell me what they need and want if I ask the right questions.  Before selling a particular product or service, I will ask them a ton of questions about what are they are looking for or dreaming, what is their timeline, what are “must haves” and what are “nice to haves,” how do they prioritize these, and how much they are willing to pay.  I take careful notes to all the answers to these questions, I can give them a product or service or answer that satisfies most of their needs and sometimes even their wants.  I’ve redeemed this approach to help plant, encourage, build or grow faith as well.

Case in point.  I am often asked to bless a home when “weird things happen” on a property.  I begin to ask a ton of questions what they are experiencing.  I get answers like we hear “visitors” walking or talking; sometimes family members can see them, more often the children.  Doors are slamming, tools/things are being moved from one room to another.  I’ve had backhoe was turn on in the middle of the night, another where spirits told the kids “don’t tell your parents,” and I’ve had them sit on me where I could not breathe.  I then ask family members what they believe about what is happening.  In their answers I discern their worldview, and their heavenly view.  They tell me that they are hoping I can pray to “fix” the situation.  Often they have had other priests or “kahuna” but they failed to fix the situation.     

My answer brings me to the title of this article.  For those who have no faith, or a distorted faith, I see it as opportunity to MULTIPLY BELIEVERS.  I tell them that their prayers are just as powerful as mine as they are the “authority” of the place.  I share the gospel, and give them chance to choose and know the risen Jesus as King and Savior.  Now they have the authority to cast out their “visitors” themselves. They ALL run in Jesus name. If people are already believers then I say LET’S MULTIPLY DISCIPLES!  In all cases I teach them how to pray, and how to command the spirits to leave the home and the property in Jesus name. I find that the children love this the most.  It always works.  As they go from room to room, I hear their prayers get bolder and bolder.  (I only agree with what they pray.  Maybe I’ll pray in tongues quietly.)  Every situation is a new exciting adventure.  Let’s ask good questions and listen above and below when we find opportunities to draw families unto the “One who is greater in us than he who is in the world.” 

Serving with you,