How God Multiplies

I grew up in a church where I did not read the Word, but heard stories of prophecy like the Angel Gabriel talking to Mary about Immanuel.  It wasn’t until I was in college did I have an experience of someone who had a word for me. Darin told me that God told him to pray for me.  I did not know Darin before this encounter, so I am blowing my mind.  I never heard anybody talk like this.  Darin told me that God had heard my secret prayer and hope as I was struggling with finances.  He asked me if I knew Jesus.  I answered, “Yes, I went to church every Sunday.”  Darin said “Oh, you know Jesus like you know the President?” I was confused. Darin asked, “Can you pick up the phone and call President Reagan?”  (Don’t get sidetracked by my age.)  I was stumped.  In the weeks that followed my eyes were opened to the Word like never before.  Nobody I knew talked to God so intimately.  It changed everything.  And yes I believed.  I now had a relationship now not just a set of rules, behaving and religion. And yes the prophecy proved true about a college scholarship.  (Fun fact: this same Darin Maurer was a ʻ79 Punahou graduate, teammate and best friends to Barry Obama.  Darin really could call both God and the president!)   

I’ve met so many of you who are pastors today because of a prophetic word spoken over you when you were younger.  Amazing and miraculous stories a prophecy and then you witnessed God do something to confirm that He is real, and He knows you and is for you, and He is for those around you.  The Bible also records many stories of how God has used the prophetic to encourage, prepare, define and prosper a future leader.  

Would you be open to allowing the Holy Spirit to use you to encourage those around you?  Tell them what God says and thinks and feels about them.  Tell them what he says about their future.  Invite them to hang out with you to see what it is to have this walking, talking relationship with the God who is With Us.  I believe if you ask, God will reveal to you the future pastors, missionaries, teachers, prophets, apostles, gospel-planting evangelists that are right around you.  You and your prophetic voice are a key to releasing them.  Be an Angel Gabriel for someone today.  

PS.  If you find a gospel planter let me know.