Strategic Leadership Multiplication

Dear Ministry Leader,

 As a ministry leader I hope you find this helpful to engage creative thinking as you identify, resource, and ultimately multiply ministry leaders within your sphere of influence. My life work is dedicated to the empowerment of leaders because I am passionate about the expansion of the Kingdom of God. It is my conviction that as we actively engage in the multiplication of ministry leaders the end result is a greater harvest of souls.

 As a senior pastor over a network of three churches in Arizona, I found that leadership multiplication is not only important but it is not negotiable. I encourage you to implement a strategic process specific to your church to:

1. Develop an intentional plan to identify ministry leaders.

2. Implement a leadership discipleship process addressing

     a. personal leadership effectiveness

     b. leadership theological perspectives

     c. leadership health,

     d. development of leadership skills.

3. Establish a consistent pathway for credentialing ministers. 

Looking outside the walls of my own network of churches, it is an honor and joy to discover, encourage, network, and catapult leaders I meet to new levels of fruitfulness. It is always a delight to resource and empower a church planter, a pastor, or a ministry leader.  In order to accommodate the growing need of both male and female ministry leaders, I provide webinars, seminars, personal consultations, and tailored ministry leadership experiences such as tours to Israel, Greece, and Jordan. Additionally, I offer to all women of influence serving in ministry leadership a specific opportunity to join a six-month intensive Ministry Leader Cohort.

For more information, join me on a scheduled Ministry Leader Experience webinar or video conference call. Please also feel free to reach out to me personally.

Partnering Together for a Greater Harvest,
Marion Ingegneri, M.A.