IMAGINE has a vision of a Global Church

 IMAGINE has a vision of a Global Church

This month we feature Justin and Janae Klatt, new church planters and pastors of IMAGINE Church. They completed gospel planting training called Foursquare Multiply, and found Foursquare is not model specific: meaning we have the Holy Spirit’s freedom, creative genius, and his IMAGINATION to reach the lost.  Here is their story!


Ephesians 3:20 & 21: “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or IMAGINE, according to his power that is at work within us, to him be glory in the church and in Christ Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”

IMAGINE has a vision of a Global Church.  How do we reach the globe across various time zones?  How do we engage an audience who are passively watching on line? How do we create community for people who are apart from family like students and the incarcerated; or how about those constantly traveling like musicians, athletes, truckers, RVers? How can we create transparent and authentic community virtually and locally? 

After a series of starts and stops, we began a STUDIO CHURCH in December of 2018.  The purpose of our studio location and studio team is to create a community focused inter-active message, fashioned with the local/virtual community in mind.  We speak directly to the camera, even if we have live attendance in the studio, because we want our communities to feel like the priority. We weave “Community Time” throughout the message, where our communities stop and talk to each other. We believe that cultivating “Community Discipleship” throughout every message is critical to our mission.  And we have chosen to have worship at the end of every message, giving room for our communities to host local/live worship within each individual community.

In 12 weeks we have had people in IMAGINE Communities from 3 countries (USA, Canada & South Korea), 22 States & 65 Cities.


Over the last 3 months (Soft launch service February 2nd2019), we have seen God do incredible miracles throughout our church. Communities are growing & multiplying, salvation is taking place and we are seeing new people join our local and virtual communities every week. People are connecting and doing church together from all over.  In 12 weeks we have had people in IMAGINE Communities from 3 countries (USA, Canada & South Korea), 22 States & 65 Cities. One of our greatest joys is seeing people like full time RVers, truckers, musicians and bands etc. who do not have consistent church community, in the traditional sense, participate on a weekly basis in a Global church community.   

Even if your dream may be far off, seemingly bizarre, or completely foreign to those around you, be encouraged. We serve a HUGE God who is the creator all things, big, small and beyond our wildest imaginations. He is looking for risk takers and innovators; men and women who will step out in bold faith. Men and women who will refuse to measure their accomplishments based on the world’s view of success, but rather on the bravery it took to go after their God-given dream and destiny.  God is always faithful to take our simple steps of obedience and do more than we could ever ask or IMAGINE.


We believe that God is on mission to bring all people into relationship with Him, using any means available and necessary.  He desires for us, you and me, to reach the world.

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