Reach More in the Third Space

In our PSW District, we are seeing and participating in a growing movement called Foursquare Multiply.  People are preparing to plant the gospel in new cities and communities.  The training is intentional, specific and strategic.  At the same time it is deconstructing church forms and culture and distinguishing between “planting a church” and “planting the gospel.”  The training is also FUN, creative and enlivening!  We are witnessing great fruit as we release people to choose new possible models to deliver the gospel.  In short, many (not all) in the next generation are choosing models very different from their parentsʻ church in a box.

In the cohort we talk about the Third Space.  Besides the 8 hours of sleeping and 8 hours of work, what are people doing in the third 8 hours of time we call the Third Space?

There are hundreds of examples where the Body of Christ are holding sports camps and summer camps, and vacation bible schools.  You are a blessing to schools by helping teachers with supplies and classroom prep and cleaning.  Some of your churches are saving elementary students by the Good News clubs and Jesus Clubs and after school care, even running full preschool and elementary schools.  I am hearing about Cross Fit gyms and holy yoga studios, triathlon and marathon training, camping ministries, surf and canoe clubs, wine and beer tasting, food ministries to learn how to cook, food ministries that distribute to those without.  I am not exaggerating to tell you we have pastors in our district who are driving Uber whose purpose is to bless and save the lost; there are pastors who run AirBnBʻs and are showing hospitality to reach and care.  Pastors who are teaching teens and young adults how to care for themselves with makeup, hair, manicures, pedicures, massage, modeling and singing to create reasons for connection.  For the first time some in the cohort realize that coaching AYSO is a “mosaic,” a gathering of many different pieces/people for the gospel.  Marketplace leaders are now seeing their companies as the mosaic they pastor, leading prayer, bible studies, counseling, discipling, and saving the lost. 

These small circles and affinity groups can turn into home groups and/or larger gatherings, growing then to become an assembly of the faithful!  This is what we call living Godʻs mission.  Partners in the Great Co-Mission.  To be Godʻs sent ones.  In this next Foursquare Multiply Cohort, 54 couples are planting the gospel as His Sent Ones.  Who is in your Third Space?  Will you be a Sent One?  Letʻs plant a church together in your mosaic!