2019 Mexico Missions Trip for High School Students

The holiday season’s are always full of giving and receiving; a time of year where we can’t wait to give the perfect gift and see the delight in everyone’s face as they unwrap the gifts around the tree. 

This summer we are giving the high school students in the Pacific Southwest District the opportunity to give. To sacrifice their time, comfort, money, and to step outside their realm of normalcy and serve the youth and churches in Rosarito, Mexico. 

From June 20-24 in 2019 high school students from around our district will have the chance to partner with local youth from Foursquare churches in Mexico in reaching the community of Rosarito. They will spend three full days in country fully submerged in the culture and churches there. 

We are so excited for this opportunity for our NextGen and for our district. The cost per student is $500, which includes travel, lodging, food, and a winter camp fee. Make sure to check out our NextGen website for more information as well as our application. All applications are due January 25th.


Will you live fearless and free?

The Explicit Movement 21 Day Interactive Journal is one of the best tools out there.  It's real and relevant for teens and young adults. 


Will you live fearless and free? 

Embark on a journey into the heart of God through this collection of memoirs from people’s experiences- truthful accounts that are real, raw, and relevant regarding identity, sexuality and healing.

In this journal, real people share about real hurt, pain, and consequences but also real wholeness, healing, and hope. They are not afraid to be raw about relational brokenness, identity issues, sex, and sexuality. The relevant topics concerning your sexual integrity are honestly explored heart to heart, and you will discover you are not alone in the struggle.

I'm currently taking some young adults through it in person and I have a group doing it through SLACK.

There's also an app you can download that when you use the camera on your phone and place it over the picture in the beginning of each chapter (or day) it comes alive.  The author of each chapter shares his/her heart and it's pretty cool.  This journal has given my group clarity and hope because they are now seeing that they are not the only ones and that there is a way out.

Bunny Correa
PSW Hawaii NextGen Rep

Leading in NextGen

I was recently sitting with one of our local young adult leaders and discussing the highs and lows of ministry, NextGen ministries in particular. As we began to go deeper into some of the challenges we may face in our local church, Ashlyn began telling me about a book that challenged the way she led one on one ministry and small groups. I asked her to share the resource with me and her thoughts and here is what she had to say.

“Sometimes the idea of being a small group leader or a youth leader gives me mixed emotions. What exactly is my job? Every stage of life requires a unique influence from someone a student look up to. It’s easy to feel lost because our role falls somewhere between a parent, a coach, a friend, and a teacher. “Lead Small: Five Big Ides Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know” by Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas is a resource that has brought clarity and educated me in the expectation of youth ministry. The truth is, we aren’t just our student’s coach, best friend, or teacher…we are a little bit of it all. When we have a clear understanding of our role we help create authentic faith in young people. Choosing to invest in a few has a greater impact then we realize! 

Lead Small clarifies the responsibilities of those who work with children and teenagers. This resource trains leaders to see the bigger picture in small groups. The book establishes five common threads that are helpful for NextGen leaders in churches of all sizes and gives practical ways for leaders to create big impacts through subtle and intentional steps. It’s also a short read, so it’s one of my favorite books.”

My favorite thing about NextGen ministry is that things are always changing; but one thing that stays consistent it creating relationships. Lead Small is a great resource for your NextGen ministries, and honestly; any ministry!

Summer Camp are going GREAT!

Our summer camps are off to a GREAT start this year. The Lord is doing mighty things; miracles are happening, campers are being saved, and lives are being changed. Make sure to follow our PSW NextGen social medias for photos, videos, and updates. Thank you for pouring into our NextGen and supporting our local camps. Keep us in our prayers and we wrap up our camps this summer! Don’t forget, camp matters.

Camp is a springboard to a greater relationship with Christ.

The anticipation of summer for a teenager (at least here in Hawaii) usually starts on the first day of school. Perhaps the thought of blitzing through school so they can surf all day and bask in the Hawaiian sun is what fuels them, or could it be that Summer means...CAMP...and that is the only motivation they need to get through the year.

Every summer hundreds of teens from across the State flood through the doors of New Hope Church, Hilo Hawaii where our summer camps are facilitated. Being hosted by a local church is definitely a blessing since we have to actually “camp”...yep with tents. From the moment they arrive to the moment they leave our goal is to simply love every single one of them with the love of our Father.

As the Now and Next generation grow, we find ourselves searching for things to capture and hold their attention, which is why camps are so important.  Camps create an atmosphere for a true encounter with God the Father, Jesus the son and with the Holy Spirit. We make it our priority to be open to what God wants for every child.  And yes that means crazy activities, loud and dynamic worship, out of the box messages and intentional free time experiences.

Camp is a springboard to a greater relationship with Christ.  Camp gives each child permission to know, understand and answer the call on their life.  Camp supports our local church pastors and leaders as we usher the generation together towards truth.  Camps builds bridges. Camps establish lifelong relationships rooted in Jesus.

Camp. Matters.  

With Aloha and anticipation,
Bunny Correa

Camp changes lives!

Here at the Pacific Southwest District we value our camping program for our NextGen. Camp is one of our key pieces in keeping churches, leaders, and youth connected. Throughout our winter and summer camps we strive to make every service, activity, breakout, and even free time perfectly fit for our NextGen.

Our heart is to see the NextGen flourish in their element, see and hear from the Lord like never before, and to have one of the best summers of their lives. Check out our highlight video below to see what our NextGen experience at camps!

Internship Opportunities at Summer Camp

Most of us begin our journey into ministry and can pinpoint an exact moment when we knew we were doing exactly what we were created for. There are people we can thank, for helping us get to that place, and there are places we hold sacred in our hearts. For years our camping programs have facilitated those things to happen; from third to twelfth grade, campers across the country can testify that camp has changed them. Cabin leaders and even staff can also attest to the fact that camp is life changing. This year for our camping program we are starting an internship program. We believe that this opportunity will allow young adults, from the ages of 18-25 years old, to experience camp in a way they have not before. Our camping programs will make way for these young adults to have a camp experience unlike anything they have had before. They will have an opportunity to serve, a different sense of responsibility, and the chance to minister to our NextGen in a larger capacity.  We strongly believe in the NextGen and this is just another layer of how we plan to pour into a generation so hungry for more of the Lord.

For more information and how to apply, visit www.pswnextgen.com


Summer of Eighteen


It’s the best time of the year! Summer Camps are just around the corner and our camp teams are preparing and planning for what is sure to be our best summer yet. We are asking and believing for a move of the Holy Spirit at our camps in Hawaii and Camp Cedar Crest. Please join us in asking the Lord for His hand over our summer camp season.

Our NextGen website (pswnextgen.com) has been updated with all your summer camp needs. You’ll find everything you need from registration deadlines, social media images, and forms on our user-friendly website. All of our camp dates and prices are below.

Hawaii Camps

  • Defined Jr. High: June 25-29
    • Camper: $50
    • Leader: $35
  • Legacy High School: July 17-21
    • Camper: $150
    • Leader: $65

Camp Cedar Crest Camps

  • Camp Dates
    • Combo #1: July 16-20
  • Combo #2: July 20-24
  • Kids: July 25-28
  • Jr. High: July 29-August 2
  • High School: August 2-6
  • Youth Camps Prices:
    • Camper: $195
    • Leader: $125
  • Kids Camps Prices:
    • Camper: $175
    • Leader: $125

See you this summer!!!


Equipped to reach the Next Generation

Do you ever feel stuck in trying to figure out the best way to relate to, communicate with, and minister to the NextGen? If you do...you're not alone, and our NextGen is here to help. It is important that as pastors and leaders we try to understand things from their perspective, to relate to the trials and temptations they are facing, and most importantly, to work with them to stop the enemy from having his way in their lives. 

Impact 360 Institute & Barna have partnered together, and have conducted extensive research about Gen Z. Their website “Who is Gen Z?”, has multiple resources including videos, books, and articles, that dive into the inner workings Gen Z generation. You can also subscribe to their monthly email newsletter which provides the latest articles and resources that can help impact your youth and children's ministry. Take a look at www.whoisgenz.com.

“Who is GenZ?” helps me get an idea as to where the next generation is, and what appeals to them as far as youth events, social media, and even camps. Speaking of camps, have you seen our dates for this summer? Listed below are our 2018 Summer Camp dates, for both Hawaii and Camp Cedar Crest. Keep an eye out for exciting summer camp news.


Brittany Johnstone
PSW NextGen Representative 

Summer Camps 2018


Winter Camps were amazing!!!


Our 2018 Winter Camps did not disappoint! Campers and cabin leaders from across the district gathered together for a weekend of fun, activities, fellowship, & Jesus. Our camp speakers Pastor Reid Powell & Nicole Stark brought powerful impacting words to our campers, and lives were transformed! Here’s just a peak at what happened these past two weekends.

  • Campers - 446
  • Cabin Leaders - 123
  • Churches - 27
  • Salvations - 36
  • Healed - 74
  • Filled with the Spirit - 204
  • Received Spiritual Language - 23
  • Re-dedicated to Christ - 76
  • Called to Ministry - 29
  • Committed to Discipleship - 35

Make sure to check out our Facebook page @PSWNextGen for photos and videos from winter camps!