Will you live fearless and free?

The Explicit Movement 21 Day Interactive Journal is one of the best tools out there.  It's real and relevant for teens and young adults. 


Will you live fearless and free? 

Embark on a journey into the heart of God through this collection of memoirs from people’s experiences- truthful accounts that are real, raw, and relevant regarding identity, sexuality and healing.

In this journal, real people share about real hurt, pain, and consequences but also real wholeness, healing, and hope. They are not afraid to be raw about relational brokenness, identity issues, sex, and sexuality. The relevant topics concerning your sexual integrity are honestly explored heart to heart, and you will discover you are not alone in the struggle.

I'm currently taking some young adults through it in person and I have a group doing it through SLACK.

There's also an app you can download that when you use the camera on your phone and place it over the picture in the beginning of each chapter (or day) it comes alive.  The author of each chapter shares his/her heart and it's pretty cool.  This journal has given my group clarity and hope because they are now seeing that they are not the only ones and that there is a way out.

Bunny Correa
PSW Hawaii NextGen Rep