Internship Opportunities at Summer Camp

Most of us begin our journey into ministry and can pinpoint an exact moment when we knew we were doing exactly what we were created for. There are people we can thank, for helping us get to that place, and there are places we hold sacred in our hearts. For years our camping programs have facilitated those things to happen; from third to twelfth grade, campers across the country can testify that camp has changed them. Cabin leaders and even staff can also attest to the fact that camp is life changing. This year for our camping program we are starting an internship program. We believe that this opportunity will allow young adults, from the ages of 18-25 years old, to experience camp in a way they have not before. Our camping programs will make way for these young adults to have a camp experience unlike anything they have had before. They will have an opportunity to serve, a different sense of responsibility, and the chance to minister to our NextGen in a larger capacity.  We strongly believe in the NextGen and this is just another layer of how we plan to pour into a generation so hungry for more of the Lord.

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