Camp is a springboard to a greater relationship with Christ.

The anticipation of summer for a teenager (at least here in Hawaii) usually starts on the first day of school. Perhaps the thought of blitzing through school so they can surf all day and bask in the Hawaiian sun is what fuels them, or could it be that Summer means...CAMP...and that is the only motivation they need to get through the year.

Every summer hundreds of teens from across the State flood through the doors of New Hope Church, Hilo Hawaii where our summer camps are facilitated. Being hosted by a local church is definitely a blessing since we have to actually “camp”...yep with tents. From the moment they arrive to the moment they leave our goal is to simply love every single one of them with the love of our Father.

As the Now and Next generation grow, we find ourselves searching for things to capture and hold their attention, which is why camps are so important.  Camps create an atmosphere for a true encounter with God the Father, Jesus the son and with the Holy Spirit. We make it our priority to be open to what God wants for every child.  And yes that means crazy activities, loud and dynamic worship, out of the box messages and intentional free time experiences.

Camp is a springboard to a greater relationship with Christ.  Camp gives each child permission to know, understand and answer the call on their life.  Camp supports our local church pastors and leaders as we usher the generation together towards truth.  Camps builds bridges. Camps establish lifelong relationships rooted in Jesus.

Camp. Matters.  

With Aloha and anticipation,
Bunny Correa