Leading in NextGen

I was recently sitting with one of our local young adult leaders and discussing the highs and lows of ministry, NextGen ministries in particular. As we began to go deeper into some of the challenges we may face in our local church, Ashlyn began telling me about a book that challenged the way she led one on one ministry and small groups. I asked her to share the resource with me and her thoughts and here is what she had to say.

“Sometimes the idea of being a small group leader or a youth leader gives me mixed emotions. What exactly is my job? Every stage of life requires a unique influence from someone a student look up to. It’s easy to feel lost because our role falls somewhere between a parent, a coach, a friend, and a teacher. “Lead Small: Five Big Ides Every Small Group Leader Needs to Know” by Reggie Joiner and Tom Shefchunas is a resource that has brought clarity and educated me in the expectation of youth ministry. The truth is, we aren’t just our student’s coach, best friend, or teacher…we are a little bit of it all. When we have a clear understanding of our role we help create authentic faith in young people. Choosing to invest in a few has a greater impact then we realize! 

Lead Small clarifies the responsibilities of those who work with children and teenagers. This resource trains leaders to see the bigger picture in small groups. The book establishes five common threads that are helpful for NextGen leaders in churches of all sizes and gives practical ways for leaders to create big impacts through subtle and intentional steps. It’s also a short read, so it’s one of my favorite books.”

My favorite thing about NextGen ministry is that things are always changing; but one thing that stays consistent it creating relationships. Lead Small is a great resource for your NextGen ministries, and honestly; any ministry!