A Heart for the NextGen

Pastor Tammy Dunahoo recently sent out an article from one of our own Foursquare Pastor’s about some information that will be affecting our California school system. Once I was able to read through the article I reached out to Pastor Brenda Lebsack and ask that she share her heart toward the article with out Pastors in the Pacific Southwest District.

“As a Foursquare pastor along with my husband, a public school teacher, and now a School Board Trustee, I come to you with urgency and a heavy heart. This article gives a sampling of educational laws and content curriculum that is either in place now or in process. Many pastors say they are not political. I was never political either, however when the Lord called me to this School Board position, I cried out to Him saying, "All I want to do is lead people to Christ, especially children". He gave me this verse: Galatians 3:24 The Law is our tutor to bring us to Christ, so we may be placed in right standing with God, by faith.. If laws no longer reflect righteousness, then sin becomes unrecognizable, and if we cannot recognize we are sinners, then we will not realize our need for a Savior. God spoke to my heart and said, "Helping to preserve righteous laws DOES lead people to Christ". After you read the article, please read ALL my comments below the article. I provide much information with documentation about the laws and curriculum that threaten parental authority and will greatly challenge the ability to raise children with biblical values. We have an opportunity to be a voice before January 11, 2019. Silence or no response is interpreted as approval or indifference. 2 Timothy 1:7 - For God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”

Below is a link to the article referenced above.