Making Connections

There is a local church here on the Big Island of Hawai’i which currently has a 15 year old leading worship.  Born into a locally renowned musical family, this dynamic young woman has chosen to follow in the footsteps of those who have gone before her, continuing the family legacy. 

For those of us who know Xayliah, it’s no surprise she’d choose runs through her veins. It was during a summer camp that she felt a tug on her heart to give everything to God and follow him. With that being said, I was floored when Xayliah asked to  interview me as part of a presentation for her final school project of the year. Of course I said yes. However, I quickly realized she was doing a presentation on music so, unless her topic was ‘best Karaoke covers’, there’s no way it was me she really wanted. 

And I was right, sort of.  You see, Xayliah had a certain role model in mind whom she wanted to do her presentation on. And of course it made sense it would be none other than Tiffany Thurston. Xay knew Tiffany and I had a personal relationship, which meant she could interview me about her.  Ahhh the minds of Gen Zer’s - I love it. #practical

What a joyful moment it was when I declined her request, with something better in mind...Tiffany herself.  Within a few minutes Xayliah and Tiffany had a Zoom meeting scheduled. Did it cost me anything? Nope. Did it take some effort? Not much. Did it bring value to Xayliah? Absolutely! (And only God knows what will come out of this encounter, but I can guess it’ll be amazing)

This is why relationships are essential in the Kingdom of God.  We need one another. Our kids need to know they can connect with us and that we want to pour into them.  It doesn’t take much to let a young man or young woman know they are valued, accepted and loved. We get to mirror Christ in our words, lifestyle, beliefs and actions - bottomline - Love God. Love people.

Tiffany Thurston

Born and raised in Hawaii, this Bible-loving, world-traveling, amateur coffee-snob has been a worship leader for the past 18 years. Tiffany got her start on the worship team at New Hope Oahu, under the leadership of Pastor Wayne Cordeiro. She then began touring with the Revolve Tour (a national tour for teen girls) as their host & worship leader in 2007 along with singing backup  for one of her all time favorite singers, Grammy-nominated vocal powerhouse, Natalie Grant. Tiffany moved back to Hawaii in 2012 where she started her own conference called BLOOM in June 2013. Tiffany has a huge heart for the Church and hopes to “encourage, inspire, empower and equip this next generation to BLOOM where they are planted and become all that God has created them to be.” She currently lives on O’ahu with her husband, Keoki and their two boys Thurston and Punahoa.