WHAT ARE Pastor's sabbatical retreats?

Pastor Sabbatical Retreats (PSRs) create intentional space to relax and listen to God, alone and together, with a few other pastor couples. They are 4 days / 3 nights, begin at lunch on the first day (after morning travel) and end after lunch on the fourth day.

PSRs gather at a relaxing, executive level retreat spot that is inspiring and conducive to tuning into God’s voice through gently-guided sessions of silence and solitude, along with some marital and group work. There are times of worship and always plenty of laughter and fun. Additional silence and solitude can be sought by choosing any sessions as optional. 

Spouse attendance is required, with few exceptions, due to the precious investments made in strengthening ministry marriages with their unique challenges. The retreats create safe space for seeking God personally and finding deep lasting friendships with other ministry couples. A follow-up process creates possibilities for ongoing coaching and friendships.

For 2018 the PSW District plans to allocate a budget to cover over half the cost for 12 Pastor Sabbatical Retreats for up to 5 couples each. The District investment per couple is stable, but location costs can vary considerably from youth camps to beautiful executive retreat centers. In the survey below, we ask for a best estimate (not a commitment) of how much you or your church might be willing to invest so we can find the appropriate locations near you. We will also search for scholarships and people who may generously donate the use of vacation homes. Housing expenses are the biggest variable and pastors share a portion of those costs. Pray!

A 4-day PSR is a life-changing time of refreshing and renewal. Gathering with four other pastor couples for a gently-guided, truly unplugged, “hearing-from-God-personally,” space-creating retreat is truly transformative for life, marriage and ministry. When possible, we also encourage pastors to consider adding extra days (or even weeks), before or after the retreat for an expanded Sabbatical refreshing. PSR’s can serve as a model and a launch pad into longer seasons of rest when possible within your context.


2018 Planning Survey

Filling out this survey is not a commitment on your part but does give us your preferences so that we can create a menu of options for PSRs in 2018 that may best fit your context. Our hope is that we can help you get away with a small group of pastor couples for rest, silence, solitude and mutual care using a proven PSR process honed over 20 years with pastors.

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